The NC State WolfPack

My name is Robert McKinney and I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently in Exploratory Studies and plan to CODA into Civil or Environmental Engineering after this semester. I am from North Raleigh, about a 30 minute drive from campus. I have two older sisters; Maegan, who is married lives in Raleigh and Caroline, who is getting her graduate degree in pyschology in Washington, D.C. My two parents still live in the house I grew up in and they are now waiting for grandchildren from my oldest sister, Maegan.

My favorite hobby is the guitar, everything about it. I enjoy playing the guitar, looking at guitar, and listening to guitars. I frequently look into buying new guitars, even though I have no means of doing so. There are so many variations and types of guitars, each which produce a different sound. More than that, I love playing the guitar. Though I am not very good, I enjoy connecting with music on a different level. Whether it be learning a song or creating something by myself, I do not think I will ever get tired or bored of the guitar.


This is my resume

    How to order a pizza:

  1. Find phone
  2. Find phone number of pizza place
  3. Call pizza place
  4. Tell cashier what crust you want
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  6. Wait for pizza and pay delivery guy

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 242 B
PY 205 C+
ECD 220 A

Les Paul