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All About Me And N.C. WolfPack

My name is Bryan Ormond, and I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University. Go Wolfpack!!! I am from Smithfield, North Carolina, but I have currently moved into an apartment in Raleigh. Living on my own, kinda scary, but definitely fun. At State, I am trying to major in Polymer and Color Chemistry with a concentration in Color Chemistry at the wonderful College of Textiles. I also want to try and double major with Chemical Engineering, and yes I am a glutton for punishment. I have been playing the trumpet for about 9 years now and have been a member of a marching band for 6 years. Right now I am a proud member of the Power Sound of the South, NC State's Marching Band and the Varsity Pep Band for the Basketball games. I also love to laugh and I fill that one of my purposes in life is to make everyone else laugh and brighten their day. That is just a little about me. Good luck to the Wolfpack with the rest of the basketball season. I'll be thinking about everyone out there while I am watching the game from my free seat. HAHA, Just Kidding.