My name is Ron Campbell. I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I am a freshman at NC State. I am an engineering major. I enjoy engineering because I like understanding how things work.

My favorite hobby is doing homework in the library. I enjoy doing homework in the library because I live in Avent Ferry and my dorm is too far away. I like doing homework because it takes a lot of time complete. I also like doing homework because it usually keeps me from receiving a failing grade. Another hobby that I enjoy is studying for tests because that hobby helps me do better on my exams. My exams are the most important aspect of my well being.

My Paper
  1. Locate phone
  2. Call Papa Johns
  3. Request delivery
  4. Ask for pepperoni pizza
  5. Give the person your location
  6. Wait for pizza man
  7. Pay the man
  8. Eat the pizza

Class Expected Grade
Calc 2 C+
Physics B
English B+