Welcome to Ryan's Homework that he doesn't enjoy doing. You will find some very bland and not so great information below. I know you most likely enjoy grading this as much as I enjoy doing it, so I'll attempt to make it fun for both of us. I hope you enjoy it!

My Name is Ryan Calhoun and I am a Freshman planning on doing Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is a very versatile field, and that is the primary reason for my decision to pursue an educaiton in it. If I want to design aspects of toilets, or if I want to design aspects of the next spacecraft, I can do that with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.I also love math and physics. Mechanical Engineering is a combination of those two areas in a unique and useful field.

My favorite hobby is probably sailing. Sailing is a good way to just relax and let everything go for just a little while. I have been sailing for almost 13 years now. I used to sail competitively, but now I have too much homework, including this, that doesn't allow me to have enough time to dedicate to sailing competitively. A reggatta, or sailing race, can take up nearly an entire day or weekend.
Disney Princesses
My Resume

How to Properly Make a Pizza

  1. Aquire Ingredients
  2. Put Ingredients on Pizza in what you think the order should be, hint: start with the dough on the bottom
  3. Bake the Pizza in the Oven, and don't ask me what temperature, do I look like Papa John to you?
  4. Enjoy it after you take it out of the oven, hopefully you didn't burn yourself

Class Expected Grade
E101 A+
CH101 A
HI208 A