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My name is Rania Choukaili. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. Right now, I am in First year college with an interest in Business Administration with a concentration of Finance. The reason why I am interested in this major is because I like doing math and it seems like it has a good job outlook for the future. I am still not sure if I would be interested in the major but its the only one that I am currently looking at. I might change my mind a week but for right now this is what I want to do.

Well I dont really have a favorite hobby, I'm a pretty boring person I would say. I dont have the extra time from school and when I do I rather travel. I guess you can say traveling is my hobby but Im not even sure what a hobby is to be honest. Its nice to have some real talk with you rob, I know you're probably grading so many and getting bored. If I had a hobby maybe I would be a more interesting person, laughing can be hobby maybe. I like to laugh.

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How to Make my Favorite Sandwich:

Class Grade
French 308 A
E115 P
USC 102 A