Hello E115!

My name is Reid C. Ingram, I am a Freshman here at NC State. At
the end of this semester I will be trying to CODA into Electrical
Engineering. I choose Electrical Engineering as my major for a
variety of reasons. The first reason is when I took my physics classes
in High School my favorite part was the electrical circuits. I have also
always been fascinated with electrical engineering and I can't wait to
learn more about it.

Although I have a lot of different hobbies that I occasionally obsess
in, my favorite hobby is spending time outdoors. This hobby first formed
during my scouting career and I have continued on with it after I became
an Eagle scout. My love of the outdoors has take my to the Florida keys
where I spent a week on a sailboat, to Cimmarron, New Mexico where I spent
a week backpacking and everything in between. I have backpacked all throughout
North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Some of the most beautiful things I
have ever witnessed was while backpacking in the middle of nowhere.

Hopefully the Netflix Logo.

One amazing resume as requested.

How to Get Delicious Pizza

  1. Go to Papa John's online website.
  2. Buy out the Papa John's inventory closest to you.
  3. Enter your payment information and address.
  4. Remortgage your house to actually buy the pizza.
  5. Eat pizza for the rest of the week.
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Calculus 241 A-
Physics 205 C+
English 101 A+
Naval History A
Physics 206 A+
USC 102 A+

An awesome picture taken on the Appalachian Trail