it's me!

Hi it's ya girl Ryan Lounsbury. This is my first year at NCSU! My major is Computer Science. I want to do that because computers are so wild and I want to learn about how they work! I want to concentrate on game development because I am so bad at and don't like them video games so I feel like I can bring a unique perspective and sometimes suffering produces the best art.

My favorite hobby is dance! I did ballet for many years growing up! I don't have a lot to show for it now except that I am really bendy and in a lot of joint pain! My new form of dance that I have started doing within this last year is aerial trapeze. It's a cool combination of gymnastics and dance. It's really scary!

come to my instagram check out my resume!
how to make my fave pizza!
  1. go to a good grocery store
  2. find the frozen pizza section
  3. buy a vegan artichoke pizza
  4. put it in the oven at 425F for 11 minutes
  5. take it out and enjoy!!! <3<3<3
class expected grade
Chemistry A++
E115 A++
Japanese A++
a pic of me up there doin it