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My name is Robert MacPherson. I am a freshman and my major is Engineering undeclaired intent. Right now I am thinking that I want to be an electrical enginner. I have always wanted to know what makes computers and technology work.

My favorite break from school was last summer. After graduation my best friends and I drove to a beach house in Myrtle Beach the we had rented and stayed there for the week. This week is know as senior beach week and graduates from all over the south rent houses and enjoy the sun and fun for a week. As of now, that week was the best week of my life. None of us wanted to leave.

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How to make a pizza
  1. Make and roll out doe
  2. Put sauce and toppings on rolled out doe
  3. Put raw pizza into oven
  4. When done, take out and slice

Course Name Expected Grade
MA 141 B
EC 201 A
CH 101 A