Welcome Student's and Faculty

My name is Richard Cameron Murphy. I am a freshman of the class of 2017 with the intention of graduating with a major in Aerospace Engineering. I chose this major due to my high interest in military aircraft and the legends of the aircrafts that supposedly reside in Area 51. I also wish to engineer future aircraft that no longer need pilots such as UAVs, but are not restrained to drone operations. My last reason for having interest in Aerospace engineering is the high pay and benefits that come along with the career.

My favorite school break would have to be my Fall break. During that period of time I was able to attend my father's wedding. I also helped the family move his things into his new wife's house. I had a long enough break that I was able to welcome them home from their honeymoon as well. My summer break was filled with nothing but work at Thomasville City Schools and my spring break was used to complete my Senior project.

Battlfield 4 Eatmanga
  1. Agree on the desired pizza joint in which to order from.
  2. Decide on your order before calling.
  3. Call and specify that you want delivery, tell them your address and order, then thank them and hang up.
  4. Wait until the delivery man arrives and pay him once he does so that you can recieve your pizza.
Course Name Expected Grade
EC 201 A
CH 111 C
MA 141 C

Wedding Picture