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My name is Ryan Phillips and I am a freshman with an intended major in aerospace engineering. I chose this because I am a pilot and aerospace systems are very important to me. I want to be a part of making the next generation of aircraft even safer and more efficient than they are today. When I am flying I want to be safe so I feel that I can accomplish this by working on these things my self. I want to design my own small aircraft one day.

My favorite hobby is flying. I enjoy the freedom of being in the air. I also have a fear of heights which some people is strange considering that I fly. It is really no problem being in an airplane though, because I won't just fall to the ground in an airplane. I hope to one day fly as many airplanes as I can.

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  1. Lay two pieces of wheat bread side by side
  2. Put peanut butter on one slice and grape jelly on the other
  3. Put the two pieces of bread together with the jelly and peanut butter now touching
  4. Put the sandwhich in your mouth and bite, then chew
  5. Wash down with a cold glass of milk
Calculus II B+
Modern History A-
Political Science B
Chemistry B+
Flight Design Cokcpit