Welcome to my web page! Hope you find exactly what you're looking for.

My name is Robert Craig Prince. I am a first year in Engineering with Electrical Intent. I chose this major because I want to specialize in renewable energy and travel to developing nations in order to establish more sustainable energy systems. I also want to help improve the efficiency of our nations power systems and infastructure.

One of my favorite hobbys is writing. When I have free time at night or when I feel stressed I often write short stories or short poems as a means of composing my thoughts. One of my dreams is to compile a series of metaphorical short stories and create a novel that revolves around some of society's shortcomings. Books such as All the King's Men, Invisible Man, and any Steven King novel are some of my biggest inspirations.


Here is my resume.

  1. Roll dough out flat
  2. Apply healthy dose of marinara sauce
  3. Sprinkle large quantities of monzarella cheeze with a mixing of cheddar
  4. Paste pepperonis into a smile and then bake

Class Expected Grade
CH 101 B
MA 242 B
E 101 A
E 115 S