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My name is Ryan R and I am a freshman at NCSU. I graduated from Craven Early College in May of 2014 with my Associate in Science and am going to CODA into the EE program at the end of this semester. Currently I am EE intended because I have not yet established a GPA at NCSU. I love working with electrical hardware such as circuits and remote power systems. I want to expand my knowledge of electrical engineering and apply it with a focus in renewable energy. Specifically I would like to recycle the methane emmissions off of landfill sites and further its economical use for renewable energy.

It is hard to choose a favorite hobby. If the activity is outside, I am almost guaranteed to enjoy it. I enjoy surfing more than almost anything else. I have lived near the ocean up until I moved to NCSU for college. As often as possible I would go to the beach to just surf and relax. A day at the beach with no waves is better than a day at home inside or at work. The feeling you get when your pumping a wave and just gliding down the face is priceless. You can feel the power of the wave move under you and one benefit is it usually doesn't hurt very bad when you wipe out. It is a very cheap and extremely fun hobby of mine.

The Chive Khan Academy
  1. Find a woman
  2. Earn her admiration
  3. Buy her sandwhich materials
  4. Tell her you're hungry
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 242 A-
ECE 200 A-
PY 208 B
E 115 S
Surfing Picture