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My name is Robert Turner, Duke of Bowen Hall. I am a freshman and will graduate in 2018. I intend to major in Nuclear Engineering. Nuclear Engineering is exciting, that's why I chose it. This makes five sentences.

My favorite hobbies include writing HTML files and exploring my terminal window. Really, it is thrilling. They are not confusing at all. I am so competent at computer stuff, it is uncanny. If you have any doubt about the seriousness of my claims, just look at my last graded homework assignment. I probably got about 8 out of 25 points.

I wonder what will happen if you click this
  1. Get bread
  2. Put ham on bread
  3. Put turkey on bread
  4. Give these to your dog
  5. Order an oven baked sandwich from Dominos

Course Expected Grade
MA 241 B
CH 101 A-
ENG 101 B+