My name is Richard Clark Waller III. I don't know what year i am, but i was originally 2012. I believe I will try to matriculate into Aerospace Engineering. I still have not decided, but that field currently holds my interest. If I am being honest that is partly based off of the movie "Wind", about sailboat racing. In that movie they discuss the relationship of Aerospace Engineering to the design of sailboats.

Based on the last paragraph you may believe that I am about to mention sailing as my favorite hobby. There you would be incorrect. It is prohibitively expensive for me right now. My favorite hobby is a combination of hunting and fishing. There is nothing like the feeling you get when a giant buck walks out of a thicket in front of you. There is even a name for it, called Buck Fever.

Denver Broncos!! My Resume
  1. Pick Up Phone
  2. Dial Dominos Pizza
  3. Order two large pizzas. One hand tossed mushroom, and one thin crust mushroom and pepperoni
  4. Wait
  5. Keep waiting
  6. Finally answer the door
  7. Add tip and sign receipt
  8. Devour as quickly as possible with wife
Class Expected grade
Intro to Computing Environments Pass
Racquetball Pass
Chemistry 101 98
Buck in the wild