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Hello, my name is Robert Burton. I am a freshmen and I entend to major in Construstion Engineering and Management. I have chosen this major because I want to be a general contractor. My goal is to work for my uncle, a home remodeler, in Charlotte, North Carolina for until he is ready to retire. Once he retires, I would like to run the company.

My favorite hobby is basketball. I enjoy watching and playing basketball. When asked about my skill level, most would say that I am a fairly talented player. I am extremely knowledgeable of basketball tactics and concepts to the point that when I watch a game I analyze the effectiveness of the different plays that are ran. My favorite part of playing basketball is when I am alone in the gym shooting where all I can here is the the ball bounce and the swish of the net. To me, there is no better sound.

Bleacher Report Robert's Resume
  1. Look up phone number for Pizza Hut
  2. Call Pizza Hut
  3. Ask for a large pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust
  4. Tell them where to deliver it
  5. Answer door
  6. Get pizza and pay for it
Class Name Expected Grade
CSC 111 C
MA 141 A-
ACC 210 B
Hi 335 A
Stephen Curry Dribbling