Salutations my good friend!

Hello, my name is Rebecca Griffin. I am a current freshman at NC State. I am currently a first year engineering student. My intended major is biomedical engineering. I chose this major because I love math and science. Most importantly, I love studying issues that we encounter with the human body and solutions to these problems!

My favorite hobby is coin collecting. I keep and collect every coin I find. I separate my coins by type (pennies, nickels, dimes etc.) and even by date! In addition to collecting change, I also collect wheat pennies. I have wheat pennies from the first year of production up to the last year of production. I also collect currency from around the world!

favorite website My Resume
  1. Go to Domino's Website
  2. Click on the pacific veggie pizza
  3. Remove peppers and onions from pizza toppings list
  4. Add pineapple and pepperoni
  5. Check out (select time to pick up and payment method)
  6. Pick up and pay for pizza
  7. Enjoy!
Classes Grades
Econ201 A
E101 A
Ma241 B-
Ch111 B+
Eng209 B+
E115 S
wheat penny