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I'm Ryan Richtmeyer, and I'm a junior majoring in Electrical engineering. I chose this major due to my longstanding interest in electricity and electronics. I figure if I graduate with a degree then I may actually be able to make money while actually doing something I find interesting. I don't really have much more to write about the motivations behind my choice of major, as the prompt wasn't terribly prying. So I'll fulfill the last couple sentence requirements of this paragraph talking about the many benefits of potato consumption. Did you know that white potatoes contain practically every nutrient your body needs, with the exception of vitamin A? additionally their fiber is a 50/50 split between soluble and insoluble which keeps you regular while lowering cholesterol. Amazing!

I'd have to say of all the breaks we receive throughout the semester that spring break is probably my favorite. It's not frigid, or full of post x-mas credit card debt like winter break; and it's not the summer class anti-break. It also provides the most favorable weather for taking my motorcycle out, and it has the best weather of the three in my opinion. Were I to add a break to the list of choices I would probably include the post-graduate life break to the list. I would also choose this break as my favorite out of the four, minus the student debts, mid-life crisis and whatnot.

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How to make bachelor grade pizza on the fly!

This guide will provide instructions for both qualities of pizza Standard Bachelor Pizza prefaced, and Deluxe Bachelor Pizza. For the former follow the directions prefaced with STD.P to make the latter follow the DP instructions.

  1. Obtain one flour tortilla. Any thin, edible, and somewhat fibrous substrate will suffice.
  2. Std.P: cover your fibrous substrate with a thin layer of ketchup. DP: Spread a thin layer of whichever pasta style sauce you can find in your fridge or cabinets (it is best not to exceed the best by date by more than 18 months for this recipe.)
  3. Std.P: sprinkle some 'minute mac and cheese' cheese powder over your creation. DP: Sprinkle some kraft faux parmesan cheese powder on your pizza (Ramen noodle seasoning will suffice)
  4. Std.P: Place in sunlight with dark paper covering pizza for a minimum of 15 minutes. DP: Microwave (or boil in standard ziplock bag) for approx 8 minutes.
  5. Std.P & DP: Voila, you've done it! Enjoy your delicious treat.
Class Expected Grade
E115 P
ECE 211 B+
ECE 220 B+
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