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Greetings, I am Reagan Barnhill. I am currently a freshman in the First Year Engineering Program with a Chemcial Engineering Intent. I also plan to minor in Crop Science. With this type of education I hope to work for an Agrochemical company as a chemcial engineer. I want to find ways to make chemicals safer for many farmers and other agriculturist. /p>

I spend my free time doing my favorite hobby, working out. I workout a lot becuase I want to have a nice athlethic figure and it helps keep me in shape for baseball season. I am a volunteer baseball coach and I have to workout a lot in order to throw batting practice, show the proper way to field a ground ball, and run after foul balls. It also helps me when it comes dating, because some guys like an athletic girl with a vast knowledge of baseball. Working out is also a great way to relieve stress and as an engineering major, I need a stress outlet. My favorite exercise is cable mid rows and my least favorite is squats. I hate anything that has to do with leg day because it hurts to walk the next day.

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How to Get A Pizza
  1. Find Online Discount
  2. Place Online Order
  3. Give Money to Pizza Guy
  4. Flirt With Pizza Guy
  5. Get Rejected By Pizza Guy
  6. Take Pizza In House
  7. Enjoy Pizza Alone
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