Everything You Need to Know About Riley Beatty

Hi, my name is Riley Beatty, and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently enrolled as a first year engineering student, but I hope to major in the aerospace engineering program in NCSU's MAE Department. I chose aerospace engineering because I have a deep passion for physics and calculus, which are both essential to understanding aerodynamics. In addition to this, I have an interest in space exploration and the development of more and more advanced spacecraft.

After completing my education at NC State, my dream job would be to work in rocket propulsion at SpaceX. In order to accomplish this dream, I hope that I will be able to gain an internship at SpaceX's university program during the summer after my junior year. To be accepted into this program, I must maintain academic excellence while showing a willingness to get involved in engineering related activities. One example of an engineering activity that may help me is being a part of the NCSU High-Powered Rocketry Club team as they compete in the NASA Student Launch challenge.

picture of Riley Beatty

Interesting Classes at NC State:

  1. Physics 205
  2. Honors 202: Representing Animals
  3. Calculus III
  4. Engineering Thermodynamics
  5. Statics
  6. Aerodynamics

Name of Club Link to Club Website
High-Powered Rocketry Club HPRC Website
American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Website