Welcome to my Webpage!

Hello! My name is Riley Dowdy! Right now I am a first year stdent in the college of engineering. I am attending N.C. State to study in either environmental or biological engineering. I'm choosing this particular career path because I feel that it relates to my interests more closely than most other majors (I like things involving the environment or biology)

My favourite hobby by far is getting caught up in an interesting series! What interests me most with this is finding long ongoing series that I can get lost in. I'm not all that picky about which medium it's in, such as books, movies, or TV series (preferably a mixture), so long as I find it interesting. Some series that have caught my attention are: A Song of Ice and Fire and Fairy Tail.

Fanfiction Favourite Essay

My Favourite Pizza!

  1. Get gluten free dough
  2. Add tomato sauce and cheese (a lot of cheese)
  3. Add pepporoni and feta cheese
  4. Bake until crispy and done
Class Expected Grade
E115 P
CH201 B+
MA242 B

My Favourite Hobby!

A Song of Ice and Fire