Welcome to Raven's Webpage for E115!

My name is Raven Lauer. I am a Sophomore student double-majoring in both Aerospace Engineering and History. I chose a major in Aerospace Engineering when I first applied to NCSU because I have always had a deep passion for aircraft design and flight, specifically helicopters. During my second semester, I took some history courses and instantly fell in love with European history and political thought so after talking to several professors and my less-inclined AE advisor, I decided to declare a second major in History and join the Ben Franklin Scholars on campus.

I don't really take a lot of breaks from school or my work as I like to keep myself busy. However, I have taken a trip with the High-Powered Rocketry Club to visit the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Being an avid aerospace enthusiast, I was very excited for the trip and was excited to learn more about the Saturn rocket program and Werner von Braun. We had a lot of fun touring the facilities where the first Saturn rockets were tested and even had the opportunity to watch a team test a small lunar lander prototype. Best of all, I got to meet with many NASA employees and scored a few business cards for resume references!

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Course Expected Grade
MA 241 B
PY 205 C
E 115 S
HI 422 A
STS 302h A
Automatic Lunar Lander