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My name is Robert Elliot Pahel-Short, I'm a junior at ncsu (as of spring 2016). I'm an applied mathematics major. I chose this major because I like to find solutions to problems without readily available solutions. Applied mathematics is great for modeling complex problems and gives a set of reasoning tools for this.

My favorite hobby is playing the go board game. The game is ancient, played for many hundreds of years. I only started playing last year so I have a lot of catching up to do. Then again, I've won games against higher ranked people and lost games to lower ranked people. I guess the game depends on more factors than ranking. If you you like puzzles then this is the game for you! It'll puzzle you for the rest of your life.

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Essay for class

Steps to getting great pizza

  1. Become a farmer
  2. After years of toil, growing all the necessary ingredients..
  3. Harvest your crop
  4. Select your finest wheat, tomatos, best dairy cow, etc
  5. Sell farm
  6. Buy a dominos restaurant
  7. free pizza for life
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
Gym running class Pass
African American Literature 97
Intro to matlab 99
Calc 3 96