Hello, my name is Ryan Pollard. Welcome to my page

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My Major

I am attending North Carolina State University and am pursuing a majory in Aerospace Engineering. I intend to finish my undergarduate in 2019. I will then pursue the graduate degree, in Aerospace or Mechanical Engineering.

Why Aerospace?

I chose Aerospace Engineering because I have always been fascinated by aiviation and space travel. Following high school, I joined the Air Force and became an aircraft mechanic. I did that for 10 years and separated. I loved working on planes so much that Aerospace Engineering seemed obvious. After I graduate I have a few different pathways I want to pursue. I would love to get in with Space X or a major aircraft designer. I have intentions of even applying at Honda Jet in Greensboro. Space X will be the first choice, however. I have included a list, below, of 5 skills I beleive are important for my furture career.