My name is Bob Stone and I am a sophomore. I am currently pursuing a major in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biomanufacturing. I chose this major because I always had an interest in better understanding the world around me. By understanding how various compounds behave based on their composition allows for the opportunity to manipulate them in such a way to produce a desired product. Plus, it is one of the few subjects where I can stand working on it for hours.

My favorite hobby is throwing frisbee with my suitemates. I recently started playing frisbee and I've found it a great outlet to get some exercise in addition to socializing with my suitemates. Besides frisbee, I enjoy using video games as an alternative to relax if I'm not in the mood for frisbee. I would like to get into rock climbing and hiking at some point. Hopefully the P.E. courses will encourage my initial interests.

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How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Consider which pizza joint to order from
  2. Look for any specials or combos
  3. Ponder whether I want any extras
  4. Order a Meat Lover's Pizza
Course Title Expected Grade
ES 100 A
E 115 S
E 201 A
Storm Troopers and Frisbee