My name is Emory Walls, and I am a freshman in the Aerospace Engineering Program. I have always been interested in flying. My dad is a pilot, and I actually earned my Private Pilot's License in the summer of 2013. It is my dream to become a pilot in the United States Air Force and I think Aerospace Engineering will help me acheive that goal.

My favorite hobby is flying. Like I said, I earned my Pilot's License two summers ago, and since then I have enjoyed flying more than anything else. Now that I am in college it has been a little more difficult to find time to fly, but I have tried to go home for a few weekends to get some flying in. I hope to eventually find a club to fly with in the Raleigh/ Chapel Hill area.

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Class Expected Grade
MA242 A-
CH101 A
E115 S
The Type of Plane I Fly