Welcome to Rheo's Webpage!

My name is Rheo Bruer, and I'm a freshman in Civil Engineering. I chose civil engineering because I have always loved building things. With civil engineering, I could design new buildings and watch them being constructed.

My favorite hobby is doing medieval/renaissance reenactments with the Society for Creative Anachronism. In the SCA, I am known as "Kieran of Hawkwood," and I study both renaissance "Schlager" Rapier fencing as well as "Heavy" armored combat. Think knight in shinning armor...Yeah, I do that. I also study blacksmithing, sewing and embroidering, archery, and my favorite: Beer brewing. Though I can't drink it yet, I love brewing it and I'm told my beer is very good.

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  1. "Slap" dough into shape
  2. Sauce Pizza
  3. Add Toppings
  4. Cheese Pizza
  5. Cook Pizza
Class Name Expected Grade
E115 70%/"S"
CSC111 "Python" A-
PY205 C
Picture of me and my friends at the SCA event.