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I am currently a student at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC. I am a member of the First Year Engineering program with an intended major of mechanical engineering. I am going to graduate in June 2020.


I chose to become a mechanical engineer at first due to my experiences in engineering-focused classes in high school. We learned about the main fields of engineering and I immediately knew that mechanical engineering was the best choice for me. I also decided which path to choose due to my involvement with the robotics club at my high school. With my degree, I plan to work for a company that develops new and better methods of sustainable energy, tools, home appliances, or automobiles. I want to be able to work together with other types of engineers to develop new products that will benefit society as a whole.

Class Course Title Semester
MAE 206 Engineering Static Spring 2017
PY 208 Physics Egr II Spring 2017
MAE 208 Engineer Dynamics Fall 2017
MAE 308 Fluid Mechanics I Spring 2018
MAE 316 Stren Mech Compon Fall 2018