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University Plans:

I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University pursuing a B.S. Chemical Engineering - Biomanufacturing Concentration degree. My anticipated graduation date is May 2019. I am excited to be studying at NC State's renowned College of Engineering.


I chose to study Chemical Engineering because of my passion for industry pharmaceuticals. I am detail and goal oriented, but I am also creative and innovative. A Chemical Engineering education will afford me not only the technical background I desire to make an impact in the pharmaceutical industry, but it will also give me the problem solving skills and work ethic needed to be an effective member of all my communities.

Skills and Qualifications
Class Course Title Semester
Introductory Chemistry CH 101 Spring 2016
Quantitative Chemistry CH 201 Summer 2016
Organic Chemistry I CH 221 Fall 2016
Introduction to Chemical Engineering CHE 205 Fall 2016