I'm still an amateur, so don't judge...

My name is Ryen Frazier. I am part of the Class of 2019, and I am studying Textile Engineering. I chose this major because I am interested in the Product Engineering concentration, which would enable me to work with the design and production of innovative sports attire and equipment. As a student-athlete, I am aware of the problems athletes often face with gear. It is important for the attire and equipment to be well-made so that athletes can perform at their potential.

My favorite hobby is playing the piano. I took piano lessons for nine years and dreaded these weekly lessons. However, practicing, especially when I got to choose the song, was rather enjoyable for me. Although I stopped taking lessons once I started high school, I continued to play regularly. It became a stress-reliever for me, and I still play now when I can find time.

My Favorite Website
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How to Order My Favorite Pizza

  1. Call Papa John's
  2. Ask for a 12 inch pizza
  3. Ask for thick crust
  4. Ask for extra cheese, grilled chicken, and peppers
  5. Give delivery address
  6. Ask approximate delivery time
  7. Say thanks
  8. Hang up and wait!
Class Expected Grade
MA 242 B-
T 101 A
CH 102 A+