Ronney Freeman Jr. Bio

Professional picture of myself with an e-mail link.

Major and Intended Graduation Date

My current major is Science Technology and Society, BS. While I plan on chaning my degree to Computer Science, if I am unable to change this degree is still something I will pursue, albeit with a minor in Computer Programming. The intended graduation date is 2019-2020.

Reasons for choosing this major/s

I choose this major because I enjoy working with computers and have had positive experiences with learning programming languages, such as HTML and Python. I desire further knowledge in the computer field in addition to the whole slew of different avenues that computer programming can give me once the different languages are learned.

Special skills relative to my major:

Relevant Coursework

Class| Course Title| Semester|
Intro to Computers. E115. Spring 2017.
Programming and Logic. CIS 115 Spring 2016.
Into to Computers. CTI 110. Fall 2016.