I lied. It's really not that great.

Hi, my name is Rajwal Gautam. I am a freshman, class of 2019. I am currently in FYE, but I am planning to pursue a dual degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I have always been interested in computer hardware and I also enjoy solving technical problems and finding solutions in a constantly changing technological landscape.

My favorite hobby is sleeping. I find it pretty easy to do, and it really helps me pass the time. Sometimes I find myself enjoying this hobby in class! It's just really addicting. I also often find that sleeping is the number one key to happiness in some situations!

Go Pack! "Resume"
  1. Buy Marshmallows
  2. Buy Chocolate
  3. Buy graham crackers
  4. Set someting on fire
  5. Set marshmallows on fire
  6. Make a sandwich with all ingredients, and enjoy!
  7. Class Expected Grade
    Calc II A
    Chemistry B
    Sociology A