Welcome to my about me page! Read more to figure out who I am!

Hi, my name is Rachel Sykes and I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering Program with Industrial Engineering intent at North Carolina State University. I am excited about my future with Industrial Engineering! This is because I am very people oriented and love being efficient and optimizing the situation to make it as ideal as possible. Hence, that is why I chose Industrial and Systems Engineering as my intended major.

I am currently employed as a Community Assistant for the Honors Village Commons (HVC). I work at the HVC 24 hour service desk and get to deliver packages mainly. I also get to meet other people in the Honors Quad and really strengthen my communication skills. I love my coworkers and the flexibility of the position, especially as a full-time college student. I even get to personalize my space and play my choice of music while working.

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Here is a list of some classes I'm currently enrolled in...

  1. Physics 205 (PY205)
  2. Aerobics: Body Conditioning (HESF105)
  3. Engineering 115 (E115)
  4. English 101 (ENG101)

These are some clubs/organizations I'm involved in and you should look into if you're interested! Click the links provided.

Club/Organization Link to Website
Kappa Delta- Eta Upsilon Chapter KD
YoungLife YL