Hello this is my index homework.

I, Russell Aryeetey, am currently intending to become a Paper Science Engineer with a dual major in Chemical Engineering. I decided to go into this field because I have always had an interest in Math and Science and I felt as those paper was unique. So far I have learned that this is very true and Paper Science is an exciting field. I am overjoyed to continue my journey as a Paper Science Engineer. I hope to make significant strides in the paper industry as I continue on with my career.

My favorite hobby is basketball. I love all things basketball. From video games, to watching, to playing the game, I love every aspect. I used to play in high school and some of my best memories from school came while I was playing. Although I no longer play competitively I still enjoy playing intramural basketball here at NCSU.

Disney Symbol The WorldWide Leader in Sports
  1. Add bread
  2. Add Ham
  3. Add Turkey
  4. Add Honey Mustard
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Ma141 A
Ch101 A-
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