Richard Carpenter

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My Education

I go to NC State University and am planning on majoring in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Physics. I am expected to graduate in May 2020.

Why Aerospace?

I chose to pursue Aerospace Engineering as I have always had a fascination with space and planes. Aerospace encompasses the inner workings of rockets and planes and other aerodynamic properties. I would love to secure an internship and eventually a job with SpaceX or Blue Origin, as both are held in high regards when it comes to space travel. I also would not mind working for the military on projects concerning next generation planes or satellites. I loved Physics in high school and it macthes up well with my major so I decieded to pursue a Physics minor along with my Aerospace major.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
MA 242 Calculus 3 Fall 2016
MA 341 Applied Differential Equations Spring 2017
MAE 250 Introduction to Aerospace Engineering Fall 2017
MAE 252 Aerodynamics I Spring 2018
MAE 352 Experimental Aerodynamics II Fall 2018