Injong Rhee   
Department of Computer Science
Box 8206, EB II Room 3268
890 Oval Drive
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-8206
Phone:(919) 515-3305
Fax:(919) 515-7896

  my last name AT ncsu dot edu
Short Bio
Injong Rhee is Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University and runs Networking Research Lab (NRL). He works primarily on network protocols for the Internet. His major contributions in the field include the development of congestion control protocols, called BIC and CUBIC. Since 2004, these protocols have been the default TCP algorithms for Linux and are currently being used by more than 40% of Internet servers around the world and by several tens millions Linux users for daily Internet communication. He also has invented several multimedia streaming and multicast technologies licensed to companies for commercial applications. He started a company based on these technologies in 2000 where he developed and launched the world's first video streaming products and push-to-talk (PTT) VoIP products for cell phones. His recent research topics include mobile ad hoc networks, delay/disruption tolerant networks, and P2P systems. He has been consulting for companies including Boeing, Lucent Technologies, CISCO, Korea Telecom, LG Electronics, and LG Datacom. He received NSF Career Award in 1999 and NCSU New Inventor's award in 2000.
What's New?
   Networking Research Lab web page is open.
Injong's research areas lie in Computer Networks and Systems. His recent interests are in TCP/IP Networks, Flow and Congestion Control, Wireless Networks, Sensor Networks, Multimedia, and Multicast. He is currently directing Networking Research Lab.

Networking Research Lab (NRL)
Injong teaches the following courses. (Some of these links are obsolete.)

SAMSI course on sensor networks ( 2007 F)
CSC773 Advanced Internet Protocols (2005 S, 2007 S, 2009 S)
CSC573 Internet Protocols (2006 F,2007,2008 S,2009 S)
CSC557 Multimedia Networking (1999, 2000, 2003 F, 2009 S)
CSC 314/6 Data Structures C++ amd Java (1997S, 1998S, 2003S, 2003F, 2004S, on-line distance education class, every year every semester)
CSC495/591J Distributed Systems
CSC 501 Operating Systems
  Current Students and Postdoc
Seongjoon Kim (Postdoc, Wireles Networks, Mobility Models)
Hyungsuk Won (PhD Student, Muticast in Wireless Networks)
Sangtae Ha (PhD Student, Transport Protocols)
Jeongki Min (PhD Student)
Seongik Hong (PhD Student, Wireless Networks)
Kyuyong Shin (co-advising with Dr. Reeves, PhD Student, P2P Networks)
Sankararaman Janakiraman (PhD Student, Wireles Networks, Peer to Peer Networks)
Yaogong Wang (PhD Student, Congestion Control, Network Systems)
Sungro Yoon (PhD Student, MIMO MAC)
  Past PhD Students and Postdocs
Ajit Warrier (PhD 2008, Currently with Silvus Wireless, LA )
Minsu Shin (Postdoc 2007, Currently with Hanoro Telecom, Korea)
Sangjoon Park (PhD 2006, Currently Member of Technical Staff, ETRI)
Long Le (Postdoc in 2006, Currently at Technische Universiat Berlin)
Lisong Xu (Postdoc in 2003 and 2004, Currently Assistant Professor at Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln)
Jangwon Lee (Postdoc in 2004, Currently with Qualcomm, INC.)
Jim Martin (PhD 2000, Currently Assistant Professor at Clemson Univ.)
Sridhar Ramesh (Postdoc in 1999, Currently with Texas Instrument, INC.)
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