Welcome to my informational page about me, Hank Moss!

My name is Hank Moss and I am in my first semester as a freshman at North Carolina State University. I plan on majoring in Aerospace Engineering but I am also sort of interested in Mechanical Engineering. I chose Aerospace Engineering because it seems like a very hands on major/job which is exactly what I'm looking for because I get bored very easily. Engineering classes are a bit harder than I expected them to be and quite a bit of work. I am often challenged to get all of my work done balancing out schoolwork and lacrosse practice but I am slowly getting the hang of it.

My favorite job that I've had before was being the counselor for the Leaders In Training day camp program for the YMCA Camp Weaver summer camp. I thoroughly enjoyed every single day of my summer this past summer working with rising eigth and ninth graders, helping to teach them how to become leaders in their communities. Even though the pay was not good at all (the YMCA is non-profit so they don't have to pay minimum wage, plus we got meals and sometimes housing0), I did not have this job for the money, I did it for the satisfaction of making a difference in these kid's lives. Each and every day I got to put a smile on hundreds of kids faces and got to experience the enormous family and home feeling that a summer camp has to offer.

A picture of me at junior prom, I'm on the right

My favorite classes so far!

  1. Calculus III
  3. Chemistry 101
  4. E115

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