Welcome to the life of Richard

My name is Richard H. Silver II. Most people call me Harley. I am a freshman and I am an intended engineer major. I chose engineering because I am stronger in math and science than I am with any other subject. I plan on majoring in Construction or Civil Engineering with a minor in Military Science.

My favorite break from school is summer break. Summer break is the longest break we have. It is a lot longer compared to high school summer break. I love going to the beach and relaxing. I love the food and beverages that are popular during the summer like lemonade and cookouts. I love swimming so I love pools and waterparks as well.

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  1. Find pizza number
  2. Call pizza place
  3. Make order
  4. Give address
  5. Hang up
Course Name Expected Grade
E298 A
Ch101 B
MS101 A