Welcome to the Richard Zone!

Major and Graduation

I attend North Carolina State University as a freshman and I am well on my way towards gaining admission to the Environmental Engineering department. If things go according to plan, I will be graduating at some point in 2020, whether that be fall or spring depends on my decision to CO-OP or intern somewhere.

Why Environmental Engineering?

A fundamental reason for why I want to be an Environemental Engineer stems from my growing up along the North Carolina Coast. When I was young I could see first hand the effects that poor design and lack of planning had on the local environment when I could see pools of oily runoff from Highway 24 dotted around my favorite fishing hole. Coupled with the fact that I could see dead speckled trout belly up, I was determined that I would have to make a change. While protecting the coast is a main reason as to why I wish to study this field, I also have a heavy background in multiple types of construction fields as my brothers and father have been doing this since I was born. Although not directly related, this field would allow me to work in close proximity to the types of jobs in which they perform, especially on the coast.

Skills and Qualities that are pertinent to me

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus I Ma141 Fall 2016
Chemistry Ch101 Fall 2016
Physics For Engineers I Py205 Fall 2016