Welcome to my About Me Page!

My name is Ronald Ignatius Senchak and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University, majoring in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. I chose to dual major in ChE and PSE because growing up I was always curious about the unknown and then during high school I found my love for chemistry. Over the summer Dr.Byrd talked to me and introduced me Paper Science and Engineering and showed how I could impact the world while still doing R&D.

I actually already have a super co-op with a company called West Rock in Evadale, Texas. A super co-op is when you work for the same company for the summer and then a fall co-op. I am very excited about this opportunity to work at the end of my freshman year and to not go to school for almost a whole year.

Most Interesting Classes

  1. Paper Science and Engineering 201
  2. Chemistry 201
  3. Paper Science and Engineering 295
  4. Weight Lifting

NCSU Clubs

Name Link
Caldwell Fellows Caldwell Fellows
Engaging Leaders EL