Riley Zoldi's Resume


I am currently a double major in Environmental Science with a focal area in Marine Biology and Marine Science with a concentration in Biological Oceanography. I attend North Carolina State University and I am expected to graduate in May 2019.

My Passion

I chose these majors because I have always had a love for the environment and want to solve environmental problems specifically dealing with the ocean. Honestly I am not completely sure what I intend to do with my degree once I graduate. I know I want to be doing hands on work so definitely research but after that I'm not sure.

Special Skills

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
ES 100 Intro to Environmental Science Fall 2015
ES 200 Climate Change and Sustainability Spring 2017
ES 300 Energy and Environment Fall 2017
ES 400 Analysis of Environmental Issues Fall 2018
MEA 200 Intro to Oceanography Spring 2017