All About Ross Bolla

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I am currently a first year engineer at North Carolina State University. However, my intended major is Industrial and Systems engineering. My sincere hope is that I am ready to apply into te department at te end of my freshman year. If all goes well then I will be in the department next year and well on my way to a degree. Speaking of a degree, the plan as of right now is to be graduating in May of 2020 but we will see how that goes with my plans of possibly a Co-Op or a minor as well.

Why Industrial Engineering?

My reasoning for pursuing a degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering is somewhat two-fold. The first being that it almost runs in my blood. My father, while an accountant by degree, is an industrial engineer by trade because he runs supply chain for all of North America for GSK. Also my old brother is a soon to be graduated industrial engineer from NC State. However, looking past this superficial reason I have real reasons. Industrial Engineering is a pathway into supply chain management, logistics, and production systems which is where my main interests lie. I believe that when searching for what you want and need to do in life you must search for where your passions and the world's problems intersect and I have found that in these three fields. We are on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution which will drastically change the landscape of manufacturing and I wish to be a part of making the transition smooth for the world in ever globalizing and complex supply chains and systems of production.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
ISE 110 Computer-Based Modeling for Engineers Spring 2017
ST 371 Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory Fall 2017
ISE 215 Product Specification Spring 2018
MA 303 Linear Analysis Spring 2018
ISE 362 Stochastic Models in IE Spring 2019