Welcome to my information page!

Hello! My name is Robert Casano! I am a freshman Computer Engineering student at NC State University. I chose to study Computer Engineering because I have had a strong passion for computers, computer hardware, and computer software since I was a kid. Growing up, I constantly fiddled with household electronics and even my own computer's software. Thus, Computer Engineering seemed like a perfect fit for me.

Corresponding with my love for computer hardware and software, my dream job is to work at Apple or Google. These companies have been two of few that truly innovate and create computerized technology that is engineered to a degree of elegance. This is what makes Apple and Google different, they push innovation beyond what is currently capable. Therefore, my dream job would be to contribute to this unique innovation as a hardware and software engineer at these two well-known companies.

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  1. SOC 203 - Current Social Problems
  2. E 115 - Introduction to Computing Environments
  3. MA 241 - Calculus II
  4. PSY 200 - Introduction to Psychology

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Engineer's Council E-Council
Engineers Without Borders EWBNCSU