Hello There

My name is Ryan Christopher and I am a Freshman with a mechanical engineering Intent at NCSU. I chose this major because mechanical engineers have a broad knowledge that can be applied in manufacturing. I want to become a mechanical engineer because they are in high demand. I also enjoy tinkering with cars and other machines to see how they run and work. I am hoping to get a concentration in manufacturing processes.

One of my favorite hobbys that I find time for after classes is fishing. I enjoy sitting on the bank of a river or lake and just letting my stress go. Fishing is also very rewarding. It is a great feeling to feel the tug of the line and pull out any size fish. Back home I used to be able to fry up the fish I caught but I don't have the equipment I need to do that here. Still fishing is a great way for me to relieve my stress.

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  1. toss the dough
  2. spread on tomato paste
  3. spread out cheese and sausage
  4. put in pizza oven till dough is golden
class grade
MA241 B+
Econ201 B+
E101 A-