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Hi, my name is Ryan Daugherty, and I'm a freshman at NCSU intending to graduate in Decemeber 2021. My intended major is actually two majors, a Computer Engineering/Electrical Engineering double major. I'm planning to do this because the overlap between the two is large and it makes my options much more varied post graduation. I was deciding between the two anyway so this just gives me the best of both worlds.

My dream job is to work in some capacity in the space industry. I don't really have a preference where, maybe power systems or integrated systems. The company doesn't really matter either, I just think space is the future and want to get into one of those companies Ideally I'd want to get an internship in the field first to get my foot in the door for a company post-graduation.

Classes I Want to Take

  1. CSC 226
  2. MA 242
  3. ECE 109
  4. ECE 209
  5. ECE 309

Clubs I want to be in Link to their website
Tabletop Gaming Club Club Website
E-Sports Club Club Website