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My name is Ryan Encarnacion and I am a Senior at NC State University. I am working towards a Political Science Major as well as a Statistics Minor. I have chosen this academic plan becasue I am interested in both the Humanities as well as Math. I beleive that my choice will help round me out as an individual, and give me the skillsets needed to pursue both analytical and hands on experience.

In my spare time, I have enjoyed weightlifting and other physical activities to stay healthy. I have also spent the last year teaching myself to play the guitar and have also dabbled in teaching myself piano. I enjoy watching and playing sports, having played lacrosse in high school. I have also always enjoyed watching movies and have taken a film class at NC State to better appreciate them.

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Here are the four most interesting classes I've taken at NC State

  1. ST 312
  2. PS 433
  3. MA 141
  4. BIO 121
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