Welcome to My New and Enhanced Webpage

My name is Ryan Fangmeyer. I am a freshman at NC State, with an intended major of mechanical engineering. I have chosen mechanical engineering because I have always been interested by the inner workings of machines, as well as how they are created. Since I was a child there was nothing more interesting to me than the creation and discovery of how the things around me worked together. I also have an interest in automobiles, and hopefully end up at a job where automobiles are involved.
My favorite hobby is wrestling, and has been for 5 years. I started wrestling right before high school, and was immediately interested in the sport. The demanding nature of the sport draws me to it. I enjoy the challenge and thrive off of winning matches. Unfortunately there is no wrestling club or intramural at NC State, otherwise I would most definitely be involved.

My Resume
How to make my pizza
  1. Make dough
  2. Put sauce and cheese on, in any order you like
  3. Put any wanted toppings on
  4. Cook at 700 Kelvin for 3 minutes
  5. Let it cool off
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 3 A
Chemistry 101 B
Chemistry 102 A