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My name is Roman Fendrich and I am a first year engingeer at NC State University. I am majoring in either Civil or Mechanical Engineering because I love solving practical problems. I like being able to work with other people and seeing my work have importance outside of class. I am leaning towards Mechanical Engineering because it is such a broad major and there are so many career choices that come with it that interest me. Some of these choices are automotive engineering and design of machines. However, there are still several career paths with Civil Engineering that I am interested in such as working with transportation, water resources, and sustainability.

Right now, if I had to choose one favorite hobby, I would have to choose watching TV. I love finding a new TV show that I can get immersed in. My favorite shows are The Office, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul, and House of Cards. I like many more shows, but they aren't quite as good as the previously mentioned ones in my opinion. TV shows are enjoyable to watch because of how well they can bring out emotions like anger, happiness, and sadness.

reddit Resume
  1. Look up locations of Mellow Mushroom restaurants near you.
  2. Go to the closest Mellow Mushroom.
  3. Order a Mighty Meaty pizza.
  4. Eat it.
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 83.9
PSY 200 90.1
EC 201 97.2