Ryan Fisher's Resume


Intended Major

I came to North Carolina State University to pursue my interest in engineering. I found that before I came to North Carolina State University that I had in interest in electrical components. This is when I decided to major in Electrical Engineering. If all goes according to plan I will be in the graduating class of 2020. My interests coinside with my intended major in my hopes of enjoying my job that much more.

Why Electrical Engineering?

My parents grew up with different sides and expertise in education. A great thing was that they wanted me to continue my education to college and always supported my ideas. I think that it was their help that brought me to recognize how much I would appreciate being an engineer. Their joy felt at times like what I was doing was for them, but my time here has lead me to seeing that they knew my interests more than I did. I feel at home here and enjoy almost every minute. I hope that pursuing electrical engineering brings the same joy. My pursistant destruction and meddling with things drove me to think of engineering. Also my enjoyment of anything with a circuit board gave me the desire to learn how things work. Put both of these together and I became an indended major for electrical engineering.

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 109 Intro to Computer Systems Spring 2017
ECE 209 Computer Systems Programming Fall 2017
ECE 211 Electric Circuits Spirng 2018
ECE 212 Fund if Locic Des Spring 2018
ECE 302 Intro to Microelectronics Fall 2018