Welcome to Ryan's Life

My name is Ryan Holland. I'm a freshman at NC State, who is currently in the process of CODAing into Aerospace Engineering. I chose to major in Aerospace Engineering because I have always been interested in flight. I've also been a life-long fan of someday going to space. That, combined with my love of designing products that will eventually exist in the physical world, is what drove me to choose Aerospace Engineering.

My favorite hobby is probably backpacking. I love to get out in the woods and experience nature, while also phsyically challening myself. Backpacking gives me a sense of independence, and allows me to witness the world without any of the distractions that surround one in day to day life.

Youtube_logo My Resume

  1. Go to Big Mike's
  2. Ask for a Supreme Pizza
  3. Play Galaga on arcade machine while waiting
  4. Recieve Pizza and enjoy
Course Name Expected Grade
EC 205 A
PY 205 A
CSC 281 A
HESF 237 S
E 115 S
GC 120 A