My name is Ray Karrenbauer. I am an incoming first year student from the class of 2021. I am interested in majoring in computer engineering because I enjoyed working with computers (hardware AND software) throughout the past three years while I was in high school.

I recently got into playing the ukulele - it's a very fun instrument to play and easy to learn. I've also only living been in NC for four years now - before then, I had lived in CT for ten years. I also find frisbee pretty fun - I played it recreationally in high school, but got into it a bit more once Summer Start began. I may hate running, but I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with my friends.

My dream job would be to work for an engineering company using my expertise in computer science and (after five years) computer engineering. I could really apply what I know in the computer field and it could have an actual impact on the people around me.

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4 of the Most Interesting Classes I've Taken

  1. E 115
  2. ENG 101
  3. MA 242
  4. COM 110

Some People in my E115 class

Person Intended Major
John Bumgardner Electrical Engineering
Colton Moore Computer Science